Easy fitness–Pilates

My favorite exercise in all the world is Pilates.  I feel like my time spent practicing Pilates is an investment in my health all the way into my old age.  After all, when I jog I feel joints ache.  When I sweat it out on the elliptical, I exhaust myself.  When I lift weights, I work against my muscles and my shape.  But, when I do Pilates, I nourish my body, celebrate its strength, intensify its best features, and arm it to face my future.

I first started practicing Pilates after the birth of my first child.  Using just a book that I bought through the mail, I learned the basics of mat work.  I felt changes inside my core that affected my strength and posture within just a few workouts.  I walked taller and tighter.  At my daughter’s first birthday party, my mother-in-law said that my stomach seemed flatter than before I had the baby.  She was wrong.  It wasn’t really flatter, but I had developed the strength to hold in my muscles for hours at a time without expending much effort at all.

Over the next ten years, I experimented with different videos and techniques.  I liked the pace and effort level of Windsor Pilates.  I saw especially good results with the Circle Workout.  My legs and butt toned and got lean in just few weeks.  Before that workout I never wore short shorts or skirts. After that workout, I do.

I was less happy with the Stotts Method of Pilates, but that may be because I haven’t done them in person.  The videos I used were slow.  However, I know that yoga is slow, yet I still like it.  I need to give Stotts another chance.

If you have a strong opinion about what kind of Pilates style/video/technique/class I should try, please let me know!


So, what do you think?

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