What your kids will say

The following is a guest post from my daughter.  She’s eleven.  She loves the idea of being vegan, and she loves bragging about our family being different from all her friends’ families, but she sometimes has a problem saying no.  (Wonder where she gets that from?)  She has no problem at all being vegetarian, but vegan kicks it up another notch.


From: Guest Blogger Junior

Being vegan is not easy. It’s not that hard either. The hardest part is staying away from dairy  products and that is because they’re in everything. Yogurt, cheese, ice cream, some salad dressings- you name it, they’re in it!

Meat, well, you can tell what contains meat and what doesn’t. The thing with milk and egg, though, is that they’re mixed in with everything. Things such as hot chocolate mix, cookie and muffin mixes usually contain evaporated milk/egg; you can’t really tell if it’s vegan or not.

After you start eating vegan, you don’t have to worry about craving non-vegan foods. You will no longer desire ribs, or ice cream or any other foods that contain meat or dairy. Going vegan is like taking a walk through a crisp, fall morning. It feels so refreshing and it’s very healthy. I encourage everyone to try being vegan for at least a week or two.


So, what do you think?

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