Easy Vegan–Amy’s Indian

One complaint that I hear from people who would like to try to be fit and healthy by adopting a vegan lifestyle is that it’s too much trouble or that the food is too boring.  In truth, if either of these things is true then your vegan resolution is sure to die.  As my readers know, I’m trying to be more devoted and more educated about the vegan lifestyle since I am making the switch permanently every day.  As I share my knowledge and experiences with you, I am overcoming the same obstacles that most families face.

One obstacle is the absence of quick and convenient food.  I’ve read plenty of sites that talk about how convenient it is to have fresh fruits and vegetables already washed and prepped in the fridge waiting for handy snacking or how easy it is to whip together a quick salad to take for lunch.  But, I’m here to say on behalf of everyone who spends an hour unloading her groceries and putting them away and has kids to pack lunches for—bull hockey.  If someone else hasn’t made it for me, it’s not that convenient.

Well, here’s a great solution for you.  For less than $4, you can have a delicious, vegan meal for lunch–Amy’s Indian out of the freezer section of Publix.  (I promise to photograph it next time.)  The vegetable korma, curried vegetables with rice and dal (Indian word for beans), was fantastic.

Curry is not an easy spice to use, but this meal had it perfect.  The intensity of the curry is balanced with a coconut milk and raisin mixture that creates flavors for the whole tongue.  Although the texture is rather smooth, the rice mixes it up enough that you won’t feel like you’re eating baby food.  Nothing is as chunky as the picture, but it’s not at all bland or runny.

I think that meals like this are definitely worth the money so I’ll be buying another Amy’s Indian very soon.  After all, if I hadn’t had this for lunch I would have easily spent $7-10 piecing together enough side orders at Zoe’s Kitchen or Atlanta Bread Company to make a satisfying meal.  Way to go, Amy’s Kitchen!


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