Check out this article–Hypnotherapy can help!

Over the faint hum of a babbling brook, Eric Cassius’ calm voice comes through his  client’s earphones as she reclines on an overstuffed couch.

“As you breathe in, I want you to give yourself permission to relax,” Cassius says into a headset at the East Memphis office of Cassius & Associates.

With the curtains drawn and the lights low, Cassius takes his young  client through imagery, symbolizing her leaping past personal hurdles and morphing into her highest vision of mental and physical health.

Hypnosis, which Cassius was using with his client,  is becoming more mainstream.  Hypnotherapists are now attracting people looking to overcome a wide range of medical and psychological issues.

Having gained traction among those wanting to kick smoking or lose weight, hypnosis is now being used to help people undergo dental work, cope with the pain of childbirth and overcome the symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome.

“I have seen some success, generally in people who haven’t seen success in other ways,” said Eugene McKenzie, a Memphis  internal medicine doctor who has referred several of his patients for hypnosis.

“The idea of hypnosis is to relax someone,” said Cassius, a licensed professional counselor and hypnotherapist. “The conscious self lets go a little bit, so what happens is the wall comes down.”

Through breathing techniques and visual imagery, he  brings people to a state somewhere between awake and asleep.

In this way, he can get straight to what’s triggering the problem, he said.

By planting a post-hypnotic suggestion during hypnosis, the therapist can change a client’s thinking pattern, for instance making the client reach for a glass of water instead of a chocolate when  a craving for sweets hits.


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