Keeping it cheap

There are 13 days until Christmas.  This is no time for my grocery bill to go up.  In fact, if I could sqeak out a few dollars here and there, that’d be great.  Budget-strapped times call for beans.  Lots and lots of beans.

In my vegan-ish trials and errors, I have found that my consumption of beans correlates directly with my satisfaction and weight control.  If I can eat beans at least once a day, I’ll have fewer hunger pangs and will be less likely to reach for non-whole foods.

It’s surprising how little Americans eat beans.  My grandparents grew up on them.  Beans and rice  used to be the go-to meal for families.  Meat was for Sundays, if you were lucky, or special occasions.  They’re packed with vitamins and minerals, low in calories, high in protein and complex carbohydrates.  We’re just out of practice when it comes to cooking beans!

If you’d like to reintroduce your family to beans, check out the recipe on my What’s for Dinner page.  The bean salad is easy and delicious.  I serve it to my carnivorous relatives and they’re always surprised at how yummy it is.  Best of all, it’s easy cheap and easy vegan!


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