Study Reports: More Doctors Use Alternative Medicine

Yesterday it was reported in the Chicago Tribune that “A study published in the online version of Health Services Research in August found that 76% of healthcare workers and 83% of doctors and nurses used CAM [complementary and alternative medicine], compared with 63% of the general population.”

Part of being a fit vegan easily is staying healthy, and apparently nobody understands modern medicine’s failure to keep the population healthy than its practitioners.  Despite having  the best diagnostic technology the human race has ever had, obesity is epidemic, diabetes has doubled, cancer continues to rise, and people are living off pharmaceuticals.  It seems that modern medicine can keep you alive, but it can’t keep you well.

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Here’s my story:  Last  summer my gallbladder started giving me fits.  Excruciating pain.  It felt like a point baby was trying to be born straight out of my stomach, Sigourney Weaver style.  I went to the doctor.  Without so much as the results of my blood test, he recommended surgery.  “Gallbladders don’t heal…your body is a complex machine…surgery is really the only option.”

Since  my insurance deductible is $3,000, I decided to explore another path.  My chiropractor suggested a gallbladder flush.  In one week I passed dozens of tiny gallstones.  I also went to acupuncture.  After just 4 sessions in 8 weeks, I had complete relief.  Plus, it addressed a host of other problems like foot pain and sweet cravings that I didn’t even know were related.  Instead of $3,000, I spent $400.  I had no side effects and took no risks.

I’m not saying that modern medicine doesn’t have its place.  It’s done wonders for smallpox and strep throat.  I’m just saying that your body can heal, it’s not a machine, and there are other options.  Don’t be afraid to check out some alternative therapies.  After all, your doctor probably is!


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  1. GREAT POST!!! You are 1000% correct! I am really enjoying your site, keep up the good work.


  2. Some really choice articles on this website , saved to my bookmarks .


  3. […] is the right way to go.  Some of you may have read an earlier post where I talked about my gallbladdertroubles.  Instead of surgery, I opted to try acupuncture.  My thinking at the time was that my […]


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