Being an Easy Vegan Offers Weight Loss Results

So, I’ll keep her identity a mystery to spare her exploitation, but you should know that easy “veganishim” has helped a friend and avid blog follower of mine to shed 10 pounds in the past month.  Last night, over a  vegan dinner, she proudly and unreservedly credited her success to her veganism.  Her exact words were something along the lines of “I’ve eaten plenty of food, I haven’t skipped any meals, I’ve been satisfied, and I’ve had anything I really wanted, but I’ve still dropped about a half pound a day.”

So, you may ask, how long will this last?  After all, everybody can lose  for a while.  Well, good question.  Her weight loss will continue  for as long as she listens to her body and eats what she needs when she needs it.  Eventually, she will lose so much that her body will slow down its pound-shedding and level off.  She will never have to alter her eating at all.  She will continue to eat what her body needs when it needs it.

Good Job, Friend!

If you have a good weight loss experience with vegan or vegan-ish food, please share it!



3 responses to this post.

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    • thanks. I’d love to hear more from you and thanks for passing my site along. I’ll be posting lots of low calorie recipes in the next couple weeks. We’re testing them all now:)


  2. Keep working ,remarkable job!


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