The Health of a Vegan Diet is Getting Noticed

Have you wondered if you can get enough protein, calcium or iron being vegan?  Check out this article in!

I would add my comments, but I couldn’t say it any better.  Just an editorial note:  The article references a “well-thought-out vegan plan” as an ideal way to eat.  If you need one of those plans, check out the What’s for Dinner page in January!  I’m going to make being vegan super easy by doing the thinking for you!


3 responses to this post.

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    • I agree. We need to focus on our health more than our weight. People do some really crazy and unhealthy things to lose weight that, in the end, undermine their goal. If we concentrate on optimum health, the weight will take care of itself. Look for more thoughts on this subject soon. I think it merits elaboration.


  2. Very interesting topic, appreciate it for putting up.


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