No-Dieting New Year’s Resolutions

Have you dieted for months, charted your weight loss, and counted every calorie during every January for the last decade?  I used to feel like losing weight was a mystery.  I could do everything just right and see no results at all.  Or, I could just barely slip up and watch the numbers rise on the scale.  Because it seemed like it was out of my control, I got frustrated and depressed with the whole process.  Don’t set goals that focus on the results because you can’t always control results.  Set goals that encourage healthy behaviors.  You can control your behaviors.

May I suggest a couple of New Year’s Resolutions for you?

1.  Release stress.

What do you need to do to make your life less stressful?  Can you cut down your schedule or let yourself off the hook for something?  Should you stop dwelling on a bad relationship and move on?  Is there something hanging over your head that you know you need to do, but you just don’t have the motivation?

If anything is dragging you down, get rid of it!  Stress makes you fat and ugly.  It complicates your life and steals your joy.  You will age more quickly and less gracefully.  Much of life’s stress is unavoidable so don’t harbor any that you don’t have to.

2.  Pursue simple pleasures.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but living a good life is a lot of hard work.  Luckily, there are many things that make it wonderful and worth the effort.  Make a quick list of things that you encounter on a regular basis that bring you enjoyment and resolve to savor the pleasure in them.  Life will get in the way of pleasure if you let it.  But, you may find that if you make pleasure a priority you will find it more often.  Don’t deny yourself the joy of making yourself happy.

Now, I’m not talking about irresponsibility in any way.  Stupid decisions today could rob you of tomorrow’s pleasure.  I’m talking about a simple stop-and-smell-the-roses approach to life.

3.  Eat the highest quality, most natural food you can afford.

This is all about pampering your body from the inside out.  Fuel your body.  Do not use your body as a trash can or dumping ground.  If you had a very important dinner guest you would prepare a very special, fresh meal.  Well, you do have a very important dinner guest—yourself.

 4.  Embrace the best version of yourself.

How would you live if you were thin and healthy?  What would a thin, healthy you do after work or on the weekends?  How would it feel to stand up straighter and feel confident?  Imagine yourself that way and live as if it’s already happening.  The truth is this—When you live like a thin person, you will become one.  Do you know why diets never work?  Because when you’re on a diet, you eat like a fat person who is on a diet.  But people with a healthy relationship to food, don’t live like that.  They live and eat like thin people and they stay thin.  When you can live like you’re thin, you will be thin and you will stay thin.

5.  Find an exercise you can live with for the rest of your life.

You might have to experiment a little to find what you like, but resolve this year to find an exercise that you can grow old with.  May I suggest Pilates (or its Eastern friend yoga)?  Classes are readily available, videos are quite effective, and the routines are simple for all ages and fitness levels.  Combine Pilates with walking a few days a week and you’ve got yourself a formula for healthy aging.

Good luck in the coming year.  For the next few days, we’ll look at each of these recommendations one by one and see how we can use them to make ourselves better, happier people in 2012.


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  1. All the best for everyone’s weight loss goals in this new year!


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