Real Convenience Food for Cool People

Being vegan-ish has really opened my eyes to all the food out there that I never eat.  In the old days, January was almost always accompanied by a stack of Lean Cuisines in the freezer at work.  I could chose from pasta with chicken and broccoli or rice with chicken and broccoli, or I could have beef tips with potatoes and gravy or beef tips with rice and gravy.  It was b.o.r.i.n.g.  No wonder I was burnt out by the second week.

But, looking for vegan meals has caused me to move about 5 feet further down the freezer aisle and find some real gems.  Tons of flavor, brand new textures, and variety like I’ve never had before.  I would review them each separately, but I’m too lazy to think of a half dozen different ways to say “really good.”

These Amy’s Indian meals make me feel sophisticated.  The only time I’ve ever had Indian food was when I was visiting my friend who is  a high-dollar lawyer in Philadelphia.  He grinds his own beans for coffee, vacations in Europe, and is openly gay.  He is so much cooler than I am.  When I eat Amy’s Indian in my cubicle at work, I can pretend that I’m just as cool even though I’m terminally straight, lower middle class, and underemployed.  Here’s a picture so you can find a couple in the freezer section of your finer markets.  (That’s the way cool people say “fancy grocery store.”)

I don’t know who Annie Chun is, but I like her.  I found her soup bowls in the healthy food section of Publix.  They don’t need to be refrigerated which is great.  They’re just like the little brothy soups you get in Japanese restaurants except they have noodles.  They’re not heavy, but they’re warm and take a little while to eat.  (If I slurp them fast, I’ll get broth flicked all over my desk.)

Between Amy and Annie, I should never have a boring lunch ever again.  Thanks, girls.


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