Trying To Be Thin and Only 12 Years From Succeeding

I am not a fit person. Surprising since I have blog called “EasyVeganFitness.” But, you’ll notice my tagline is that I’m “trying to be thin in fat world.” (The operative word is “trying.”) I’m not thin either. Now I’m not huge, but the tendency to balloon up is with me always. I was 10 pounds when I was born, 176 pounds in 9th grade, and 183 pounds when I celebrated my first anniversary at 22 years old and 5’4” tall. In between those milestones, I worked hard to lose weight. I dieted, exercised, took pills, read books, attended meetings, and punished myself for my failure. (I wanted to post a picture of myself at my biggest, but I think I accidentally lost all of them.)

Somewhere around 175 again after 2 kids and 5 miscarriages and on the

I'm the one with the double chin and fat thighs.

path to divorce in 2009, I decided to try something different. Here’s what I looked like then.

I decided to take a new approach. I tossed out my high expectations to lose 2 pounds a week for 15 weeks and to set all my goals for when I turn 40 in 2013. I’ve revised that to 50 in 2023. I’ve given myself over a decade to learn how to be fit and healthy and to lose the self-consciousness that has plagued me since I saw a picture of myself in a swimsuit when I was 8 (double chin and fat thighs!)

So what you’ll read on my site might sound like I think I know what I’m talking about sometimes, but really I’m just figuring it out as I go and letting myself enjoy small victories. I’m confident that my failures today will be great anecdotes when I’m 50, that sustained effort no matter how small it may seem will make big changes over the long haul, that food is merely a subset of happiness, and that the best version of myself is yet to come.


So, what do you think?

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