Come, Let Us Reason Together

I am rereading The China Study.  I found that book to be so overwhelming that I’m just not sure that I got everything out of it the first time around.  However, before I get started, let me run a few thoughts past you and see what you think.

First, why is it that so many people are fat?  I live in the Deep South where we are famously fat and unhealthy.  I can go to the grocery store or the mall and see, without a doubt, dozens more fat people than thin.  On some sides of our metropolis, that is different.  But on the west side, where I live, obesity is the norm.  Why is that?  Everyone I know is on a diet.  Everyone I know talks about what they should and shouldn’t be eating.  More of them are setting goals and trying to do better all the time, but it just never materializes into long-term weight loss.  I know very few people who lose weight and keep it off.   I know very few people who manage their weight into middle age.  (I do know a few who are just naturally skinny.  I’m not counting them.  They’re some alien species whose purpose for existence is to make the rest of us feel like slobs.)  Most people in the circles I travel have accepted the idea that as you get older, you get fatter.  And, if you’ve given birth, don’t even bother trying to be thin.  It’s too late.  You’ve had kids.

Secondly, why are so many people sick?  Isn’t there a better way to live?  If we didn’t have the technology we have today that allows most of us to do our jobs and manage our lives from the comfort of our desk chairs or cars, how in the world would we survive?  Surely, our ancestors were not the weaklings that we are.  They would have become extinct.

Thirdly, and I may lose some of you here, is this how God meant for us to live and eat?  Watching your weight and staying healthy can easily become an obsession.  If fact, if you’re one of those, like I am, that gains a whole lot faster than you lose, you know that you have to be a little obsessed or you’ll blow up faster than you can say “I think my jeans shrunk in the dryer.”  But, did God design our bodies to be so susceptible?  I have to believe that we are supposed to be more like the animals who eat what’s available when it’s available and their bodies regulate themselves.  Anything else seems like a design flaw, and I don’t think the problems we have lie there.

So, with those questions in mind, I’m going to reread The China Study.  Last time I didn’t really know what I was getting into.  This time I’m going to pay closer attention.  If you have any interest in the field of nutrition or weight management, please read this book too so we can talk about it.  I’d really like to hear how this looks from some else’s point of view.  I don’t even care if you disagree with my opinions as we go.  I would just like to hear some reasoned, informed discourse. 

As I go, I’ll also be trying a few of the recipes I’ve found and reporting on my progress with them.  Plus, my husband wants to do a side-by-side vegan cheese taste off.  I’ll let you know how that goes too.


So, what do you think?

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