I Just Got Married and Didn’t Gain a Pound

I pass on the chicken and the steak.  I don’t have grilled cheese sandwiches even though I love them.  I skip ham sandwiches and just won’t eat if all that’s there is something made with beef or pork.  I resist the siren song of frying bacon.  So you wanna know why I think being vegan-ish is worth it? Here’s why.

Twelve days ago, I got married. 

He's got great hands, doesn't he?

For weeks before that we’ve been rearranging my house, merging his furniture into my rooms.  We have 4 kids between the two of us, and getting everything ready has been a chore.  To add to the complication, my house is 1,000 square feet.  Not much room for 6 people to live in 1,000 square feet.  However, we’re committed to keeping our finances simple and being debt free.  So the cheapest house we could live in is the one I already have.  We’ve worked really hard to make it fit our needs, and we’ve done a fantastic job, if I do say so myself.

four kids, one full bathroom

But, have you ever gotten really busy while you’re on a diet?  I would be willing to bet that nine times out of ten, you gained weight.  I know I always did.  Then I said, “Well, when things calm down, I’ll get back on track and get this weight off.”  But the law of entropy has something to do with chaos.  And, although I cannot remember that law, I’m familiar with chaos. Things rarely get calm enough for a long enough period of time for me to make feeding myself a part-time job.

Being vegan-ish worked differently for me this time.  I made the highest quality, lowest animal protein choices I could over the past few weeks.  When we went out for Japanese, I ordered hibachi vegetables.  When we got pizza, I ate the slices that were light on cheese and meat and heavy on vegetables.  When everyone wanted fast food for breakfast, I got oatmeal from McDonald’s.  When I needed to grab something quick, I grabbed nuts, dried fruit, ginger snaps or dark chocolate.  Did I eat perfectly? No.  Did I gain weight like I normally do when I take 3 weeks off from thinking about my food?  No.  Even though I ate 5 slices of my wedding cake and drank champagne and generally forgot about my “diet” for more than 2 weeks, the numbers on the scale stayed the same.

Why is being vegan-ish worth it to me?  Because I like not having to be obsessed with my weight in order to maintain it.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Congrats on getting married! I have fit five people into an 800+ square foot house so I feel your snugness.

    I love to hear about happy scale stories. I think it is awesome that you could (for the most part) stick to your eating habits. It shows that it is no longer a diet, but part of who you are. Keep it up!


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