A True Weight Loss Success Story

Lately, my weight loss, which was very slow to begin with, has disappeared altogether.  I could bitch and moan about all the reasons why I haven’t been as vigilant, but who cares?  The bottom line is that my bottom line is not the size I was hoping it would be by the time spring sprang.  Alas, it’s 85 degrees in sunny South Carolina, and last year’s shorts are snug.  The good news is that they were snug last year too, so I haven’t really gained any weight all winter.  The bad news is that I didn’t lose any either.

Since I chose to look at the bright side, I won’t focus on what didn’t happen.  I’ll look at the success that’s under the surface. 

1.  I have not abandoned any of the good habits I had last summer.  I’m still vegan-ish (better than before probably since I’m loosening the strangle hold cheese had on my life).  I’m still working out a couple times a week.  I’m still valuing sleep and other forms of stress relief.

2.  I did not arrange my holidays, birthday, or rainy weekends around what food would be perfect for the occasion. 

3.  I did not go on a diet, keep a food journal, or participate in any other activity that I associate with on-again-off-again dieting. And yet, my weight did not explode like it did 3 years ago when I stopped all my dieting do’s.

4.  I have learned to love beans, kale, tomato sandwiches, plain avocados (without tortilla chips), Indian food, blueberries and herbal tea more than hamburger, ham sandwiches, nachos, or ice cream.  I would have never thought it was possible, but it is.

So, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m disappointed in myself for not making the changes bigger and better (in order to make my ass smaller and better), but I’m not going to beat myself up either.  It could be worse.  It will still get better.




2 responses to this post.

  1. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that ass. 😉


  2. your post reminds me of my mantra: everything in moderation. don’t be so hard on yourself. sounds like you’ve already made great strides in the right direction, and it’s a marathon, not a sprint. i also started to eat healthier about a year ago, and i think the biggest progress i’ve made mentally is not to backslide completely when i mess up. keep up the good work!


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