Another Myth Debunked: Soy and Breast Cancer

Study Says Soy Prevents Breast Cancer Recurrence

By Rashida Harmon | June 27, 2012

New research suggests that breast cancer survivors who consume more soy are more likely to keep the disease at bay.

A new report published in the July edition of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that soy products help prevent the recurrence of breast cancer in previously diagnosed women. The paper analyzed previous studies measuring the impact of soy on breast-cancer survivors, examining the results of more than 9,500 Chinese and American women. Upon reviewing those studies, researchers found that women who consumed the most soy products were 25 percent less likely to experience the return of the disease. Earlier this week, The New York TimesWell blog debunked the notion that soy products increase the risk of breast cancer—a myth based on the fact that soy contains chemicals that mimic the behavior of estrogen, a hormone that fuels many instances of breast cancer.


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