Hey, Look at Me! I’m Trying to be a Blogger!

I am a goal-oriented person.  I like setting them, planning my strategies for achieving them, and bragging about them later.  My affinity for goals is probably my primary source of self-esteem.  So, in order to boost my flagging self-image, I’m setting a couple for July.

July will be the month of “Dogs and Blogs.”

Here are my goals:

1.  Exercise my dogs several times a week.  I live in the deep South with a good, fenced-in backyard.  My dogs live outdoors.  It’s stinking hot.  Too hot to walk a dog.  But, I’m going to even if it’s just a little.  My dogs are out of shape.  They’ll tire quickly.

2.  Blog more.  My goal is to blog 15 times this month.  I’m also going to take more pictures.  I don’t usually take my own pictures, but I’m going to.  Otherwise, how will I ever get better at it.

I think that getting a little more exercise at night with the dogs and being a little more conscienscious (did I spell that right?) with my food, I should see my dogs become more pleasant company and my food get interesting again.  (I’m pretty sick of humus and crackers, pasta, Boca burgers and canned minestrone soup.)  I may even see the 3 pounds I gained in Disney World magically disappear.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Congrats on setting health and realistic goals. Thank you for sharing them. Being a dog owner I understand how important it is for them to have the proper exercise. We bought a plastic wading pool for our dogs and they love jumping in and out of it. We often will through the ball into the pool and the dog will get it, run around the yard and then bring it back to us to throw back into the pool. They get exercise while staying cool on hot summer days. Then when you walk them in the evenings they are more cooperative and easier to walk.


    • My dogs won’t play in the water, but they’ve really taken to long walks and (short) jogs. The real challenge will be for me not to lose interest as these summer months drag on and stay hot. I’m in South Carolina where the heat and humidity are stifling in July and August.


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